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Come spring, Persian cooks reach for tender herbs and alliums to pair with salty cheese and sweet halvah in a version of this simple Persian-Style Herb and Cheese Platter.


Farmers’ Market Tour Santa Monica, CA
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Tour with Amelia

Do Your Eggs Look Like These?

Lily's Eggs They should. This isn’t the ultimate beauty shot and you wouldn’t have eggs with your eggs, but see the perky verticality of that poached egg on toast? That’s the sign of a VERY fresh egg. The older the eggs, the thinner the whites, and the more flaccid the cooked egg. Now check out the deep color of the 6-minute egg yolk. That tells you that the chicken’s got a varied diet of grubs, seeds, grains, and grasses, which yield a more nutritious and delicious egg. I’ll get back to the flavor in a moment.

The most common complaint I hear about farmers’ market eggs is that they are too expensive. And this isn’t necessarily from folks on a tight …

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market at 30—Then and Now

Santa Monica Farmers Market 1981 How long is 30 years? Take a look at this 1981 photo of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. It’s hard to remember that this industry leader drawing 20,000 shoppers a week once consisted of some cardboard boxes on a few tables. Next week, in conjunction with FamilyFarmed.org, the market celebrates 30 remarkable years with a multi-day Good Food Festival & Conference that explores every facet of food from policy to pleasure.

What does 30 years produce? A giant, ongoing incubator. Decades of weekly face time for farmers, cooks, writers, and market management to learn from one another in ways no class, conference, or books could teach. Continue reading The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market at 30—Then and Now

Farmers’ Market Integrity Update

Farmers market artichokes

Last week, I gave a market tour that told me just how much times have changed. Used to be, we’d plunge right in, intent on learning what’s in season and discovering the flavors of fresh, ripe ingredients. This time, I first spent twenty minutes answering questions on how to gauge the quality of the market itself.

I like this shift. It’s a sign we’re starting to realize that the availability of great produce depends on the excellence of the markets themselves, which can be only as conscientious as the entities that run them. Continue reading Farmers’ Market Integrity Update

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 4th Printing!

Weiser Family Farms Yes—The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook has gone into a fourth printing! Thank you all for your support. It pleases me no end that the book continues to be a helpful resource for simple, seasonal cooking and shopping, wherever you live.

This has been a thought-provoking month of writing and meetings. With much of the L.A. area quarantined due to Medfly (it took just two flies!), I posted a two-part story on Eat:LA about methods of treatment and what to do at home and the market.

At the California Small Farm Conference in San Diego, I attended an SRO panel on small-scale farm start-ups, particularly as work therapy for American Vets. It was a stunning example of farming’s regenerative powers and proof that the passion to work the land endures. Continue reading The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 4th Printing!