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Strawberries are back in season! And that means it's time to make these lovely, simple Strawberry Shortcakes -- perhaps the most perfect spring dessert ever.


Farmers’ Market Tour Santa Monica, CA
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Tour with Amelia
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Market Report
Saturday, June 12, 2015
11 a..m.

How good is your farmers’ market?

Santa Monica Farmers Market Recently, questions about the integrity of farmers’ markets have burbled up in the news, feeding the worries of some shoppers: How do I know my market has “real” farmers and can I believe their organic, pesticide-free claims? Who regulates the markets? Such concerns are not new; the L.A. Times covered market development and oversight back in 1890.

Rest assured there are many worthy markets, but there’s certainly room for improvement in this rapid-growth industry. Fruit expert David Karp and I (as the Public Member of the Certified Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee) spoke with Evan Kleiman on Good Food about the current state of markets, needed fixes, and the California Department of Food & Agriculture’s listening sessions on the topic. Continue reading How good is your farmers’ market?

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 4th Printing!

Weiser Family Farms Yes—The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook has gone into a fourth printing! Thank you all for your support. It pleases me no end that the book continues to be a helpful resource for simple, seasonal cooking and shopping, wherever you live.

This has been a thought-provoking month of writing and meetings. With much of the L.A. area quarantined due to Medfly (it took just two flies!), I posted a two-part story on Eat:LA about methods of treatment and what to do at home and the market.

At the California Small Farm Conference in San Diego, I attended an SRO panel on small-scale farm start-ups, particularly as work therapy for American Vets. It was a stunning example of farming’s regenerative powers and proof that the passion to work the land endures. Continue reading The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 4th Printing!