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Strawberries are back in season! And that means it's time to make these lovely, simple Strawberry Shortcakes -- perhaps the most perfect spring dessert ever.


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My Favorite Holiday Cookie and Last-Minute Gift Ideas

caramel date walnut rolls As 2012 barrels to a bittersweet close, here’s how I’m handling the last couple of weeks of gift-giving and gatherings for the year. If you’re like me and have come uncomfortably close to holiday deadlines, feel free to take a page from my notes.

There’s still time to bake. Marion Cunningham’s “Caramel Date-Walnut Rolls” are one of my favorite sweets for the season. I give them as gifts from my kitchen and keep a stash in the freezer for unexpected callers. Not quite a cookie, not quite a candy (although they remind me of a See’s bonbon), they are a California confection that ships well and are sort of healthy to boot. I’ve reworked Marion’s …

Five Tips for Easy Autumn Entertaining

Fall tablescape with persimmons It’s officially fall, and I’ve gone into entertaining overdrive. It might have been the convergence of the Coho salmon my husband caught in Alaska that was now resting in the freezer; the arrival of the Jewish New Year; working a gig with clever butcherettes Lindy & Grundy; and a kitchen full of ingredients demanding to be used. (My version of impulse buying: Cox Orange Pippin apples, must have! Comice pears, can’t live without!) Or maybe these elements simply touched what inspires and makes me happy: family and friends gathered around my table sharing good food.

The end result is that we entertained three times in five days, a record even for me. We were fifteen for Rosh Hashanah, eight for the first night of gravlax, and six for the second. This meant I was pin-boning fish for one meal while my husband carved brisket for another. It was a flurry of delicious activity with a k.d. lang soundtrack.

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Holiday Events

Citrus Wondering what to give your friends this year and what to serve them for dinner? The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook is filled with simple, seasonal recipes for your holiday table—colorful, refreshing winter salads; easy yet elegant soups; innovative side dishes; and of course, my favorite pumpkin pie and spicy persimmon pudding recipes.

And, with the winter citrus season about to start, look for my new blood orange recipes in the December issue of Bon Appétit Magazine. They’ll add joyful sparkle to your table. Continue reading Holiday Events