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Come spring, Persian cooks reach for tender herbs and alliums to pair with salty cheese and sweet halvah in a version of this simple Persian-Style Herb and Cheese Platter.


Farmers’ Market Tour Santa Monica, CA
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Tour with Amelia

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market at 30—Then and Now

Santa Monica Farmers Market 1981 How long is 30 years? Take a look at this 1981 photo of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. It’s hard to remember that this industry leader drawing 20,000 shoppers a week once consisted of some cardboard boxes on a few tables. Next week, in conjunction with FamilyFarmed.org, the market celebrates 30 remarkable years with a multi-day Good Food Festival & Conference that explores every facet of food from policy to pleasure.

What does 30 years produce? A giant, ongoing incubator. Decades of weekly face time for farmers, cooks, writers, and market management to learn from one another in ways no class, conference, or books could teach. Continue reading The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market at 30—Then and Now

Three Sustainability Events to Kick Off 2011

Squash I think we’re all only too glad to give the boot to 2010! May your 2011 be productive, creative, and delicious. I’m very pleased to start the year with these three January events that will help get your sustainable practices resolutions off to a good start!