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It’s an E-Book! Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook Summer Entertaining

Yup, just in time for summer, I’ve taken the e-plunge! Here’s my first “bite-size” electronic cookbook: three menu chapters with recipes, entertaining tips, wine suggestions, shopping lists, and countdown plans.

If you know my first book, the message and the mission are the same: empowering home cooks everywhere to shop and cook locally, sustainably, deliciously, and simply. In this new format, it will be easier than ever to master the seasons and access my easy techniques and recipes.

The biggest challenge when company comes is organizing your time so you aren’t out of breath, right? Over the years, I’ve developed strategies for carefree “market-style” entertaining that I’m eager to share with you. See if you can find my favorite task in this snippet from one of the party countdowns:

Designed by Michael Hodgson and illustrated with beautiful food photos by Staci Valentine, this min-e-book captures the season’s moods and flavors: backyard-to-beach casual, relaxed elegance, and nights perfect for sipping rosé. I show you how the menus can be dressed up or down or carried to a picnic, and offer fish and vegetarian alternatives whenever meat is featured. As usual, most of my recipes are naturally gluten- and dairy-free.

Although there’s a lot of noise about e-books these days, electronic cookbooks are still in the experimental stages. I’m excited to be part of this brave new world and would love to get your feedback on how this new model works for you. Your honest reviews on the purchase platform of your choice will be much appreciated!

Will you help Summer Entertaining make a splash? If you buy a copy for your iPad, Nook, or Kindle by June 3, let me know here and I will send you “5 Smart Things to do with a Yellow Peach” as a thank you.

2 comments to It’s an E-Book! Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook Summer Entertaining

  • Amelia

    Thank you Steve! I hope you’ll find lots of useful ways to make summer entertaining easy and fun. Please send me an email through my contact page, so that I can email you a “peachy” thank you.

  • Steve B

    I’ve been able to download the Summer Entertaining book to my Kindle Fire and it looks great. How do we get the Peach book?

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