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Farmers’ Market Tour Santa Monica, CA
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Tour with Amelia

What’s in Season in Israel?

olive-tree What’s in season in Israel? And more to the point, where and what should I eat? After a too-long 30 years, I’m heading back to the land where my parents grew up, met and married, and then left to study and settle in the U.S.

My desire to return to Israel was there, but blame the kids for the destination not staying in the number one slot. Three children going to college and grad schools in interesting places, then their jobs in interesting places we wanted to visit—Japan! Cambodia! Vietnam!—a couple of weddings, grandkids, family illnesses and passings here and in Israel. That’s how 30 years can pass in the blink of an eye.

Why now, finally? Well, time …

A Grand Year for Le Grand Nectarines

Masumoto Farm Le Grand Nectarines

Last weekend, my family and I harvested our “adopted” Le Grand nectarine and Elberta peach trees at the Masumoto Family Farm in Del Rey, CA (20 minutes south of Fresno). Mas, Marcy, Nikiko and Korio started the Adopt-A-Tree program to sell fruit, but also as a teaching tool. We’ve participated since 2006, and I can tell you that eight years provides quite an education about what a small farmer encounters.

Every year is different. Some years, the buttery Elbertas have weighed almost a pound each (you can read more about Elberta peaches on my KCRW Good Food guest post). This year, not so much. In fact, Mas is thinking about severely pruning our tree this winter to give it a good rest.

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Vegetable Literacy: Book Giveaway and Q & A with Deborah Madison

Note: Due to technical difficulties, my website went down right after I posted this blog. Now that my site is back up, I invite you to leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of Vegetable Literacy. If you were quick to enter and previously left a comment, it’s still there and you’re still in the running. The contest closes this Friday, August 9th, and more details are below!

Deborah Madison has a new and important book, Vegetable Literacy (June 2013, Ten Speed Press). The woman who moved vegetables from side-dish afterthoughts and ugh, the “healthy foods” column to the delectable center of the plate is …

IACP Writing Awards 2013

Some of the food people I admire most won writing awards at the International Association of Culinary Professionals awards ceremony on Tuesday in San Francisco. Notice how I structured that sentence? Not all these authors are writers first–some are restaurateurs, anthropologists, or even waiters–but all have compelling food stories to tell, which makes them food people. And all, as writing coach extraordinaire Crescent Dragonwagon would say, are “deep feast” thinkers, giving us writing rich with multiple layers of meaning. Here are a few highlights you might like to check out (click here for the complete list of 2013 nominees and winners).

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Lessons from Julia Child

Julia Child This week marks the centennial of the birth of Julia Child, and Julia stories abound. Here’s mine (a longer version appears in the IACP Frontburner).

I first met Julia in the spring of 1982, when I was a novice cooking school director. My job earned me the privilege of being a scullery assistant for Julia at the annual Los Angeles Planned Parenthood three-day Gourmet Gala extravaganza. Can you believe I still have the recipe booklets??

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